Morning Circle

All classes start with the morning Circle. Circling is part of the TPRS method of of teaching languages. Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, was developed by Blaine Ray, a Spanish teacher in California, and can be explained as a way of teaching language holistically without teaching grammar rules.

Play Areas

Language leaders engage in their activity of choice. The classroom hosts a variety of opportunities for individual and group play. Some students like to play pretend, some play dress up, others play with puzzels, Play Doh, trucks, and many other fun resources!

Outdoor Exploration 

Depending on the weather students will take a pleasant walk around the neighborhood or an adventurous trip to the playground. Both of these activities are delightful experiences for our language leaders!

Early Riser Care

Our language leaders arrive at the center and engage in drawing, coloring, and building starting at 7:00 AM. This time is also dedicated to breakfast. 


Our language leaders pack healthy lunches that include plenty of yummy foods prepared with love right from their homes. We encourage limiting juice and sweets and ensuring protein at each meal. Eating a variety of healthy foods provides the energy a young child needs to get through a busy day! ​

Our Daily Schedule


Our language leaders indulge in their favorite songs and dances. This is a time where they get exposure to authentic music of the target culture. Some love to show off their cool moves, while others simply enjoy singing along. 

Thematic Lesson

 Our lessons are integrated to incorporate a wide range of "subjects" within the activity. They are designed to keep students engaged and to provide comprehensible vocabulary. Our themes change monthly as indicated in our thematic curriculum.

After Care and Snack

Some students stay with us for our after school care from 3:00-5:30 PM. During this time all students have an opportunity to eat the afternoon snack from their lunch bags, and enjoy activities such as Music, and Dance, free play, drawing, and coloring. All activities are facilitated in the target language.