Spanish Immersion at

Wescosville and Willow Lane Elementary Schools!

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New program in the Lehigh Valley! Contact us directly at onsite@languageprojectllc.com if you are registering after November 1st. Space is limited.





The goal of the Onsite Spanish Immersion program is to promote and facilitate the acquisition of the second language at cultural centers, schools, museums, businesses, companies and libraries all over! These programs are unique: language immersion at various childcare centers, museums, schools, libraries. Language immersion "delivered at home". With the same methodology that used at our Spanish Immersion Learning Center, our staff is carefully assigned and tasked with the development and implementation of programming for each location. Onsite programs vary depending on the need of the hosting organization. Instruction takes place in preschools for which we develop a curriculum parallel to what the hosting preschool has planned, and deliver it entirely in Spanish! Yes. 100% in the target language. Our teachers are fully trained in using comprehensible techniques that facilitate communication at all levels, especially those that have little to no experience. Instruction also reaches profit and nonprofit community entities that want to develop Spanish language skills within their organizations. At museums and cultural centers such as the Allentown Art Museum and public libraries, we facilitate integration of the Spanish language in the form of story time. We love to collaborate with large initiatives that are designed to make an impact in the community. Our current work with PBS39 focuses on advancing literacy skills for preschool children in the surrounding communities.

Want to bring language to your organization? Write to me at Onsite@languageprojectllc.com to get started! Let us help you figure out the details and the road to bilingualism at your organization.

Núria Camahort

Onsite Program Coordinator



Active Learning Centers- Emmaus

Preschoolers at ALC have participated in our on-site programming ¡All in Spanish! Yes, our instructors speak Spanish 100% of the time. The lead teachers support in Spanish throughout the class whenever possible. Routine is very important in preschool education. Linguistically, it is extremely important for acquisition. In circle time we sing "Hola Amigo," which is always presented by our beloved Amigo, a stuffed elephant that accompanies us during the summer. In the winter, our friend Frío takes over. Frío is a friendly polar bear that loves to sing during the winter. In circle, the teacher focuses on expressing feelings. This song works like magic! Kids love it, it sticks, it's easy to remember, and of course, it requires total physical response when acting out each feeling. Implementing a 3 day a week program requires a bit of collaboration between our Center and the teachers at ALC. In order to better prepare for this experience, all staff attends professional development sessions that focus on immersion theory and practice.

We are delighted to work with such a dedicated team of teachers at this wonderful facility.



UCC Greenawalds nursery school

With 45 years of experience, this preschool located in the Parkland School District has trusted our expertise in acquisition to offer students their first experience with a second language. From September to May, children of ages 3 and 4 have learned to greet each other in Spanish, to explain how they are, how to tell the weather, among many other communicative objectives. They have participated in authentic Hispanic traditions and learned songs that are sung in most Spanish Speaking countries. Most important of all, they have subconsciously learned, in the most natural way. Mimicking what they hear and paying close attention to extralinguistic cues from the teacher.



Allentown Art Museum

Every month in the Arte en Español program we carry out a reading related to a different exhibition in the museum. The topics include colors, animals, masks, stations and many more. The readings take place in front of specific collections of paintings in the museum. Admission to this program is free and includes an explanation of the art collection or exhibition where we meet, a reading and song in Spanish with a related theme, and a hand craft made by the children also related to the theme of that month. In the past months children enjoyed the sounds and nature theme, learning from an exhibition of sound sculptures and listening to the story of sounds of animals and vehicles through the reading titled "El camioncito azul". We hope to see you there next Wednesday at 11am!

Come and be part of this amazing experience!

We are located at 31 N 5th St, Allentown, PA 18101



PBS39 Bilingual Story Time

Story Time at PBS39 is designed for preschool children between the ages of 2 and 5, as well as their caregivers. In a collaboration between the Spanish Immersion Learning Center and the Education Department at PBS39, we strive to create a truly educational experienceThe focus of Story Time is to encourage literacy skills and a love of reading. Certified elementary teachers and our very own preschool immersion teachers lead each session with interactive, fast moving books, music and dance. Each child attending Story Time gets to meet Telebear and receives a free book. Join us next Tuesday from 10:15AM to 11:15AM!

The PBS39 Studio is located at: 839 Sesame St, Bethlehem, PA 18015



Active Learning Centers- Fogelsville

Welcome to the immersion world! Active Learning Centers in Fogelsville will begin their onsite immersion experience in September of 2019. A class of twenty preschoolers will get to experience Spanish through the most effective method in second language acquisition. Administrators and parents are super excited to provide this wonderful opportunity for their students.

Active Learning Centers-Fogelsville
Director: Missy Wisser

7200B Windsor Dr, Allentown
(610) 366-8084