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What to expect.

Starting from the first session, facilitators introduce the language through low risk conversations. They allow multiple opportunities to understand the language through the use of strategies that include visual aids, actions, photographs, and gestures. The informal small group setting encourages learners to get to know each other, and ultimately feel comfortable using the language with their peers/colleagues. Interpersonal skills are a priority, and professionals further develop these skills at every session. Our learners gain access to real world opportunities. They interact and practice speaking with other professionals in the Lehigh Valley who share the love of language.



Why study Spanish?


Professional Development

Members of various fiedls such as medicine, law, and education see language as a way to enhance their services.



Spanish is the second most spoken language in the Lehigh Valley community. Employers are looking for professionals that can interact with future clients.


Cultural Competence

Our communities are culturally and linguistically diverse. This diversity in the workforce demands cultural sensitivity and understanding of the practices, products and perspectives.


Personal Goals

Communication with the rest of the world opens opportunities for travel and personal enjoyment. 



Other services


On-Site Preschool Lessons 

 ✓ Mentoring

Curriculum Development 

 ✓ Program Evaluation


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This interest form tells us you want to join a Spanish for professionals group. We are currently scheduling affiliated groups for On-site development, but if you are seeking this opportunity individually we will place you on our interest list. For Additional questions about this process, please contact Nadia Thalassinos at 610-984-4122, e-mail us at Contact@LanguageProjectLLC.com or reach us through Facebook!

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SILC's admissions, the provisions of services, and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English or Spanish proficiency), age, or sex. The Spanish Immersion Learning Center is an Equal Opportunity Care Provider.