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With only a two week session under her belt, my five year old is already singing wonderful nursery rhymes in Spanish. She knows her colors and numbers in Spanish now (and is teaching Daddy!). She is even beginning to form full sentences in Spanish. So glad that I enrolled her in the Spanish Immersion classes. Thank you Nadia and team!

— Cecilia Parish


My kids (4 y old and 7 y old) loved spending the summer in Spanish Immersion. They are speaking (and singing) much more in Spanish than before! Miss Nadia, Miss Sol and Miss Thalia are absolutely wonderful!

— AnaRaquel Vasquez

In am truly grateful for this program. It amazes me how my son has picked up the language quick. Everywhere we go he is so eager to show mom the colors and phrases he has learned. I wish this program success....He will definitely join again next year!

— Janina Jerez


I really appreciate everything Ms Nadia and her wonderful staff has done for my son! He has made extreme improvements in his Spanish acquisition over the summer and I am extremely grateful for this program :) Thank you!

— Erin Barnes


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